HestFest 2021 has ended

August 9 2021 | Leisure Riding, Youth Work

Congratulations, and a big thank you to the Dutch Youth Committee, who turned their recently found ‘spare time’ (due to the fact that many of the usual summer activities had to be cancelled) into an all singing and dancing international online festival. In co-operation with FEIF and FEIF member associations, the group managed to put together an exciting programme.

On July 10th it kicked off with a contribution from Iceland, travelled via Norway straight to New Zealand, and zigzagged back to the USA, Australia and the Faroe Islands, including contributions from many other countries on the way. This whirlwind tour offered glimpses into the different ways  the Icelandic horse is integrated in the horse cultures across the world, virtual visits to far away stables and competitions, and workshops offering practical skills.

Missed it? It is not too late to catch up: many of the “events” are still on the HestFest Facebook page.