Successful online education seminar 2021

May 27 2021 | Education

The online FEIF Education Seminar 2021 is now closed – it was the first big online event for instructors and trainers organised and held in cooperation between Gait Academy, the Norwegian Icelandic Horse Association (NIHF) and the FEIF Education Department.

Bent Rune Skulevold, known as trainer and international FEIF Sport judge and Stian Pedersen, FEIF level 4 instructor and well-known rider and World Champion set up the seminar with the title “Good and Harmonious Riding”.

The seminar was a pure online seminar and took place over several weeks. It included online meetings as well as preparations and testing by the participants. Almost 90 participants from FEIF member associations all over the globe joined the seminar.

Several online lessons were organised with participants, who were willing to be demonstration riders for lessons. With this system the development in training of horse and rider under the aspect of good and harmonious riding was becoming visible in several follow up lessons. Big thanks again to the riders for their very good job!

These lessons were recorded, and then explained and discussed during the zoom sessions. In addition, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and work through the recorded lessons themselves.

In the content space and community space of the learning platform all lessons and discussions were collected and everybody could work through the information in individual speed and at any time and of course re-watch the training sessions.

In addition some group-work sessions on different topics were included in the seminar, which have been presented in the zoom sessions as well. Over all, there was a very good exchange of ideas and perspectives among the participants. Due to the online seminar version, it was for the first time rather easy for participants from countries outside Europe to join, collect input and get in contact with other instructors/trainers.

Bent Rune Skulevold leaded technically and as a competent speaker with a comprehensive knowledge through the seminar. Together with Stian Pedersens with detailed and practical input for training advices for rider and horse under the umbrella of good and harmonious riding, they guided us enthusiastically through the seminar weeks. Both of them provided valuable input from their comprehensive experience in training and judging under the aspect of harmonious riding, based on systematic training sessions for riders and horses.

After an additional online bonus meeting and some further days of “after work” use of the content space and community space on the learning platform, the seminar has been closed.

Many thanks to everybody who contributed to this first online FEIF Education seminar!!