HestFest 2021

May 25 2021 | Youth Work

As announced on the HestFest Facebook page and HestFest website the international, online festival ‘HestFest 2021’ will take place from mid-June until the end of July.

The festival is organised by the Dutch Youth Committee and FEIF and is open to everyone regardless of age.  All activities are online completely free and. Activities are hosted by countries all over the world on days specifically assigned to them.

Interested in joining HestFest as one of the FEIF countries?

The Dutch Youth Committee invites you to a series information meetings via Zoom, Thursday the 27th, Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of May, to explain further how countries can participate.  These meetings are open to everyone, those who have already made a commitment, as well as  countries interested in organising an activity during the HestFest period.

Want to join one of the information meetings?

Please send an email to jeugd@nsijp.nl and you will be forwarded a link to the relevant meeting. Note: these meetings are intended for potential organisers only. Friends of the Icelandic horse who wish to participate in HestFest activities can easily sign up for events once these become available on the website.

  • Meeting 27th of May – 8 PM (London time), 9 PM (Amsterdam time)
  • Meeting 28th of May – 7 PM (Melbourne time), 9 PM (New-Zealand time), 11 AM (Amsterdam time)
  • Meeting 29th of May – 2 PM (Los Angeles time), 5 PM (New York time), 11 PM (Amsterdam time)