Johannes Amplatz – young committee member breeding

May 1 2021 | Breeding, General

Who is who in FEIF? – a series of short interviews with the of the persons working in the organization” . We would like to introduce you to the young members of the Breeding Committee, Johannes Amplatz from Italy.

Johannes, you were selected to the FEIF Breeding Committee in 2020. How has you first year been? 

Johannes: This first year has been a great experience. In February last year I had the chance to take part in the FEIF Conference in Iceland and personally meet the people within FEIF and in my case the members of the Breeding Committee and the Breeding Judge Committee as well as the people that work with WorldFengur.

Then of course the COVID-19 pandemic caused a change to normality, so sadly traveling and personal meetings were no longer possible which affected both the Committee meetings in the fall as well as the FEIF Conference 2021, which did not take place as usual in February. The Committee meetings were held virtually instead and were nonetheless very productive.

Q: What kind of work do you do in the committee? 

Johannes: My main task was to take part in the Committee meetings. There a discussion and exchange of opinion takes place on different subjects that are on the agenda concerning breeding of the Icelandic horse, breeding assessments, Rules and Regulations, World Championships etc.

I tried to take part in the discussion and express my opinion to the best of my knowledge. The other members always had open ears and were open minded for the comments I had, and I think it was good and effective work that took place at these meetings. I was also helping with writing the minutes for those meetings.

Q: Young committee members have a place in the committees for two years which means you will be leaving next year. Has this experience made you want to come back and pursuing a position in a committee in the future?  

Johannes: Yes, it definitely has. It was great to get an insight to the work within FEIF and the Committees and to take part in this work. I´ve already started to consider what would be the best way to keep on with the work within FEIF, once I will have to leave my position as young committee member. ?

Q: What are your thoughts for 2021? 

Johannes: In 2020 we had been very lucky with breeding assessments, that could take place in a more or less normal matter, even though we had a pandemic going on. I sincerely hope that we will be as lucky in 2021 and we will be able to have breeding assessments happening, because it would be really important to get all the data available about the horse population to being able to develop the breeding of our horse even further and it would be also very important for the breeders and owners as well as riders and trainers that have put a lot of effort, time and money into preparing their horses for the breeding assessments

Q: What will you be taking with you from your experience in the Breeding Committee?

Johannes: This has been a very instructive time and helped me to gather quite some experience and good understanding on the mechanisms and the work within FEIF.
Of course I also got to meet many great people that work in a very professional way around our international community and that put a lot of effort into developing our Icelandic horse world even further. These are people that are passionate and united by the one same interest, which is the Icelandic horse.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to young people who are interested in working within FEIF, nationally or internationally? 

Johannes: I would like to say that the youth is without any doubt the future and that young people should never hesitate to stand up and take part in influencing their environment and shaping their future.

Photo 1:  private, Johannes with Brana frá Feti (IS2012286910) 
Photo 2: Stefán Ásgrímur Sverrisson, Johannes with Brana frá Feti (IS2012286910) 
Photo 3: Birgitta Zeilon, Johannes with Haukur

Ever considered to be a member of a FEIF committee? FEIF committees are the expert groups supporting the head of each FEIF department – breeding, education, leisure riding, sport and youth. Decision, changes and proposals are prepared, questions relevant for all FEIF member countries are discussed and much more.

The position reserved for young committee members offer the same voting rights and responsibilities of all other members.