Humans, Horses and Events Management

March 31 2021 | General, PR

Horses are perhaps the most common non-human animal to feature in planned events, but although there is considerable research on equestrian sport, there is virtually none on equestrian events. This book begins to address this gap, using the National Championships of the Icelandic Horse as an extended case study to explain in depth the process of managing an event, as well as the larger theoretical implications of events management.

Drawing on diverse viewpoints and theoretical perspectives, the book draws wider comparisons to connect events management to larger themes in the social sciences, such as human-animal relations; nationalism; place branding; event impacts; event experience; and inclusion and exclusion. The book is a contribution to two fields. In relation to human-animal studies, it focuses on how the Icelandic horse breed is marketed and celebrated through top-tier competition; whereas from an events management perspective, it considers the role of the event in community building, the practical and theoretical aspects of running a sustainable equestrian event, and the issues that arise in multispecies event contexts.

This book, edited by: Katherine Dashper, Leeds Beckett University, UK, Guðrún Helgadóttir, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway, Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir, Hólar University, Iceland:

  • uniquely draws together events management and human-animal studies.
  • is formed from empirical research conducted by a multinational team of events management and tourism researchers.
  • uses a single, extended case study to explore a range of themes and issues, both empirically and theoretically.

A valuable resource for researchers of events management, human-animal studies and tourism, this book also provides an in-depth look at end-to-end events management for industry professionals.

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