Lisa Kroon – young committee member sport

March 4 2021 | General, PR, Youth Work

Who is who in FEIF? – a series of short interviews with the of the persons working in the organization” . We start by introducing the young members of the Sport Committee, Lisa Kroon from the Netherlands.

 Lisa, you were selected to the sport committee in 2020. How has you first year been? 

Lisa: Thank you for the opportunity for this small interview. I am really excited about the initiative of including a young member in every FEIF committee and I feel fortunate being a part of it. This first year has been great! The Sport Committee has been very lucky to be able to meet each other in person at the FEIF Conference in 2020 in Iceland right before the COVID-19 pandemic caused the borders to close. Even though we meet online now, I feel we can still work together very well and make a significant contribution to FEIF.

Q: What kind of work do you do in the committee? 

Lisa: I try to support the Sport Committee and Director of Sport where I can. I take part in (virtual) meetings with the Sport Committee in which we discuss proposals we have prepared before. These proposals are about sport rules and regulations that might be changed in the future, such as time for withdrawals in between pace rounds, new tests, composition of A-finals, and much more.

They must be proposed to the annual FEIF meeting of national Sport Leaders or the Delegates Assembly. The Delegates’ Assembly 2021 approved a renewed rule on riding helmets and body protectors. I have for example worked on the wording of this rule, presented it in the SC meeting, discussed it, and together the SC decided to propose it.

The Sport Committee discusses issues coming from the Director of Sport Jean-Paul Balz, and last year we made a recommendation regarding candidates for the Chief Judge and Deputy Chief Judge at the World Championships.

As a young member, I generally try to think out of the box and come up with new ideas for proposals and changes. My vote counts, since I have equal voting rights as other committee members.

Q: Young committee members have a place in the committees for two years which means you will be leaving next year. Has this experience made you want to come back and pursuing a position in a committee in the future?  

Lisa: Absolutely. Now that I am able to, firsthand observe how FEIF works and meet the people involved, I feel empowered and more competent to adopt my gained knowledge in future positions within FEIF, thus giving back to the community that has provided me with this opportunity.

Q: What are your thoughts for 2021? 

Lisa: Fingers crossed the World Ranking can be re-opened and the World Championships can take place. And I am very excited that three more young committee members start this year!

Q: What will you be taking with you from your experience in the Sport Committee?

Lisa: I learned a great deal about how an international organization such as FEIF works and how much fun it is to meet other passionate people and share ideas. I also learned that young people such as myself can really make an impact within FEIF and contribute to a positive direction.


Q: Is there anything you would like to say to young people who are interested in working within FEIF, nationally or internationally? 

Lisa: Just do it!”

All photos: Rachel van Marwijk

Ever considered to be a member of a FEIF committee? FEIF committees are the expert groups supporting the head of each FEIF department – breeding, education, leisure riding, sport and youth. Decision, changes and proposals are prepared, questions relevant for all FEIF member countries are discussed and much more.

The position reserved for young committee members offer the same voting rights and responsibilities of all other members.