World Championships 2021

February 25 2021 | General, World Championships

Right now we are in the midst of a tough Covid-19-time and it is, like everything else, hard to know if we “happy  Icelandic horse enthusiasts” will be able to meet for a blast of a party at the World Championships for Icelandic Horses in Herning in summer 2021.

But with the roll-out of vaccines, we are optimistic and working hard to prepare for the World Championships in Herning, where we will enjoy fantastic horses and great performances on the oval track. But how is it going and what are we working on? What is going on behind the curtain? Here we will tell about the scenarios, we are working on with FEIF:

Three scenarios
We work from three possible scenarios. Which one is chosen can only be decided when we get closer and know the restrictions of the Danish authorities.

The first scenario is a traditional World Championship, held with approx. 5,000-8,000 spectators. This scenario is of course dependent on the restrictions that apply in Denmark this summer. There must be a marked easing of the assembly ban in Denmark and it is uncertain how these conditions will develop. Here we follow the Danish Government closely and are hugely inspired how the Danish music festivals solve it.

The second scenario is a Championship held with a limited number of spectators around or under 2,500 people. This model, which is based on an easing of the restrictions, is also very dependent on what the Danish government announces.

The third scenario is a World Championship held without spectators, but are made available via livestream. This scenario requires permission for about 500 people to gather. A number that the organizing group and FEIF estimate that riders and grooms, judges, technicians and other staff will reach. This model also depends on whether or how much the assembly ban is relaxed in Denmark this summer.

Tickets are “first come, first served”
Applicable to the first two scenarios is that the tickets are “first come, first served” – so if you get your ticket now, you have access, if the limit is set at 2,500. Should the event get tighter restrictions, you will get your ticket or exhibit space returned minus a small administration fee.
Get your ticket here:

There are still many uncertainties and therefore we and FEIF agree to postpone the decision-making process until further notice. But all in all, we are working hard on the “large” version, so it will be possible, if the bans are loosened up. Keep an eye on our website and social media where we sign up.

Best regards Team VMDenmark 2021