New Young FEIF committee members

February 16 2021 | General, Youth Work

Along with the other candidates who were elected during the DA on Saturday, 3 new young committee members will start their 2-year position on FEIF committees: Lena-Marie Baltes (LU) will serve on the Education committee, Katharina Haider (AT) on the Leisure Riding committee, and Maja Borg (SE) on the Youth Work committee. Congratulations all!

Lisa Kroon (NL) on the Sport committee, and Johannes Armplatz (IT) in Breeding will continue for another year. Free positions will be published on the FEIF website. Interested?

The reason for these appointments of including young people to join the work of FEIF is to introduce a wider range of different people, and promote the voices of young people across the work we do.