FEIF online seminar ‘Why Iceland?’

February 16 2021 | General, Youth Work

Henning Drath took participants on a virtual tour, exploring Iceland’s culture, music, food and language, and many other of the surprising features you will find when you visit that unique island nation.

Participants learned about pylsur með öllu – the uniquely Icelandic hotdog, the programme of Harpa, the big concert hall in Reykjavík, which rose of the ashes of the big financial crash of 2007, the secret life of passionate knitters, using Icelandic wool – and of course, all sorts of  aspects around the Icelandic horse. How many member countries are in FEIF? What information can you find on WorldFengur? How do you distinguish between ð and þ in Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum? –  In this time of restricted travel, this was a welcome and  informative (virtual)  trip to Iceland!