Icelandic horse breeding presentations in Swedish

February 8 2021 | Breeding, General

A brand-new online presentation series on Icelandic horse breeding will premiere on Tuesday, 9 February, at 6 pm UTC. The presentations are free of charge and open to all via the app Töltriding. Initially the presentations will be broadcast in Swedish only, but an English version is in the works.

There will be four presentations in total and each presentation is 30 minutes long.

The themes covered are:

  • 9 February, 6 pm UTC: The beginning of breeding the Icelandic horses and first breeding consultants
  • 16 February, 6 pm UTC: Breeding consultants from 2000; changes, development, and breeding lines   
  • 23 February, 6 pm UTC: Modern breeding shows, procedures and purpose
  • 2 March, 6 pm UTC: Breeding goals, official and private – the foundation of the goals, importance of private preference and versatility

The presentations will be both informative and entertaining. Herdís Reynisdóttir, a riding instructor who used to work as an international breeding judge for 17 years, will give the presentations.

Photo: Christiane Slawik