Returning to Herning

January 26 2021 | General, Leisure Riding

Together, the riders of this year’s FEIF Virtual Ride “Returning to Herning” have now clocked up 22.440 km, which is half-way round the globe.

What is more, they have proved that our journey to Herning continues, regardless of what else is happening in the world. Over the years, the regular participants of the annual ride have grown a very active, diverse and supportive community, which remains partly virtual in the sense that many have not met in person.

But there is also a growing number of people who have come together at the during the World Championships or Landsmót, or by private visits across international borders. The other thing that is growing is the diversity of participants: old meet young (or is that the other way round?), happy hackers are inspired by long distance riders, and everyone rejoices in witnessing the progress of new foals. Lots of questions? If you want to find out more, and  join this community, introduce your horses and the landscape and season you ride in,  just visit the virtual ride website.