Day two at the “Fjellfestival med islandshest” in Norway

August 23 2020 | General, Leisure Riding

The day started the best possible way, laughter from the tents surrounding you, beautiful weather and knowing that you will go horse back riding all day. Hlynur, the local club provided cowboy breakfast, eggs, bacon and beans, and lunch packed loafs of bread with spreads (matpakke) for those who wanted.
The main event of day two at the Fjellfestival was a rather long riding trip where you can chose the difficulty of the trip yourself. One group went on a Mountain hike, one group on a hike with a lot of speed, and one group on a slower and less advanced hike. All the groups met at an old gravel runway for a break for riders and horses before returning home to Kvistli early evening.
At Kvistli there was a clinic about sports competitions. Kvistli provided horses at different levels of education that was shown in all the different gaits. Two judges explained what they are looking at, and gave a mark for each gait along with an explanation for why the mark was given.
The grand finale of the day was the evening, a beautiful dinner – grilled reindeer, live music and nice talks. As the night got older some found the dance floor, sang and had a good time, all at a safe distance.

AND next year – it will hopefully include a FEIF Camp, the date has already been set: August 18-21, 2020

Photo: Kari Egelandsdal