Returning to Herning

August 10 2020 | General, Leisure Riding

Sunday was the first day of the 9th virtual ride. The aim is for everyone to make it to Herning in time for the World Championships 1-8th August 2021. The ride got off to an amazing start. By close of day 36 riders had registered, and hopefully counted their first km in the saddle. Why don’t you join this merry band? The idea is simple: (a) calculate the km from your home to Herning, (b) register here: and, (c) and start riding! Every month you send in the total kms ridden, and step by step you make your way to Herning. Should you be living too close, you can give your spare km to those too far away. Riders may form teams to collect ridden km together. So where is all the fun? First and foremost in the saddle, of course. But a lot of joy can also be found on our closed Facebook group, where rider exchange their laughter (and tears), triumphs (and yes, those less than glorious moments). Participation makes you realise that there is a really big Icelandic horse world out there, which we all share!