The prize for the winner….

July 20 2020 | General

From the most famous natural sights in South Iceland to the remote unique parts of the highlands, @eldhestar’s 8 day riding tour ‘Golden Highlights of the South’ is an experience like no other, and it could be yours! This tour from Eldhestar is the winning prize for the ongoing ‘Iceland (Horse) Art Competition’, currently taking place until July 30 to celebrate the Day of The Icelandic Horse on September 12. The winning tour is valid throughout 2021 and comes with a ISK 70.000 voucher for an Icelandair flight, sponsored by Horses of Iceland. Golden Highlights of the South includes a guide who will take you through moss covered lava and green hills of South Iceland and show you Þingvellir, Geysir, with views of Langjökull glacier and more! To enter the contest, you have to submit your artwork before July 30 and the winner will be chosen on the Day of The Icelandic Horse.: We hope to see your contribution and wish you good luck!