FEIF Instructor/Trainer Award

July 16 2020 | Education

FEIF recognizes the importance of instructors and trainers in our community. These talented, dedicated individuals are essential to growing the Icelandic horse breed in terms of both popularity and utility all within the scope of FEIF’s mission. FEIF established an “Instructor/Trainer of the Year” award in 2016 to acknowledge the outstanding teachers and trainers in the community.Each year, FEIF invites the member countries to nominate one individual as their top instructor/trainer for the year. The countries are free to choose any criteria to select their candidate. However, the candidates must all be listed in FEIF Horse Trainers and Riding Instructors list (https://www.feif.org/Education/HorseTrainersandRidingInstructors.aspx).Follow the link to read about the award winners since 2016.