End of the virtual ride ‘Hello Hella’

July 6 2020 | Leisure Riding

6th July was scheduled to be the beginning of Landsmót 2020, and with that the FEIF virtual ride ‘Hello Hella’ is also coming to an end. The preparations, the training, and the joyful anticipation of Landsmót 2020 were real – and so was all the riding done by the participants of the virtual ride – by the end of March the ride had reached a grand total of 27,328km. And then, all came to a standstill, riders had to get out of the saddle, and focus on other ways to be with the horses. When riding was not possible, we started counting the hours spent with the horses – and thus recorded a wonderful summer break. In the virtual realm all things are possible, so 80 hours of quality horse time (at 8 hours per day), can easily ‘translate’ into a 10-day ‘horse holiday’. If anything, the group of virtual riders, some of whom have joined in regularly since 2011, became stronger and more closely connected during lockdown. Via Facebook, we have shared seasons and landscapes of different FEIF member countries, the anticipation of newly-bought horses, the joys of new-born foals, the tears over those who have died. Will we go again? Watch this space! News about the ride to the 2021 World Championships in Herning will be announced in early August.