An unusual spring….

April 27 2020 | General

Dear friends and members of Icelandic horse associations around the world. I hope you and your families are safe and well, and that you have been able to deal with the situation and attend to your horses as well as possible. With the Covid 19 pandemic we are now facing an unprecedented situation, which is probably the most influential situation in peace time in modern history. It is a huge burden that affects the entire world. No one knows how it will develop.
Our daily life, work, sport and lifestyle as well as travel and public gathering restrictions make it impossible to organise many events. The Board of FEIF therefore decided to suspend the FEIF WorldRanking until further notice which means that no results will be accepted by FEIF for the time being. Big events like Landsmót, MEM and the Nordic Championships, and of course the FEIF YouthCup as well as seminars will not take place this year. And other events like the Riders’ Camp in Norway have already been postponed until summer 2021
Therefore, let us focus on the next year when we will hopefully have the opportunity to organise and attend a variety of events again, among them the World Championships in Herning. Unfortunately the Olympic Games will be at the same time, but we will live up to that challenge 😊.
All the decisions about cancellations and postponements of events have been taken after careful considerations, and in the interest of our community and the welfare of the people of the world in mind. We all live at the moment in a time of challenge and above all in a time when it is necessary to contribute our utmost to slow down the spread. We strongly urge you to follow the restrictions and rules of the national governments to help our society to find its way out of this crisis.

All the best,
For the Board of FEIF,
Gunnar Sturluson, FEIF President