FEIF Virtual ride

March 13 2020 | Leisure Riding

Since they started in August, the FEIF Virtual riders have now covered 23.510km on ‘Hello Hella’, this year’s ride to Landsmót 2020. Virtual ride? In these days of coronavirus, a lot of things seem to switch to ‘virtual’. At my University we are introducing virtual lectures, and meetings via skype, virtual open days, which happen mainly online, and the new ‘take-away exams’ – but let’s not go there. This strategy, which now seems to be on everyone’s mind, was already adopted 7 years ago by FEIF for one particular purpose, namely to make it possible for everyone to ride to the World Championships, and Landsmót. If you do not have the time, or live too far away to participate in the ‘non-virtual’ relay ride, or the old style ride to the Landsmót venue, the virtual ride will get you there – virtually. All you need to do is register, and send in your monthly ridden km. FEIF will add up the miles, and before you know it, you have ridden to Hella. If the distance is too dauting, you can form a team, and we add up the totals for each team. Why bother? Just as the world is trying very hard just now to keep life running as normal, by replacing real events with virtual events, belonging to an online community, in which everyone shares the same goals, is highly motivating, unites Icelandic horse riders across continents, and – well, quite simply, it is good fun.