Little Viking Horse

February 16 2020 | Youth Work

Fleygur, a little horse with a big heart, his boy, and a dream of a Championships…. A heart-warming story of relationship, trust and adventure, told though the eyes and ears of Icelandic horse Fleygur. A fictional children’s book (ages 8 -12) ready for submission to publishers shortly.
The story is written through the eyes of the horse, and will hopefully help promote the welfare of horses – getting people to think about how horses might view what we humans are asking of them!
How can you help? Well, the book is finished, all 50,000 words of it, and has already been assessed as being of publishable standard by the Golden Egg Academy. It will very soon be on submission to publishers in the UK, but the children’s book market is very competitive, and having written a good book is not enough to get a contract. A publisher needs to see it has a wide appeal, and international following of the Little Viking Horse page will demonstrate to potential publishers that there is a market for this book across the world. Just follow the Little Viking Horse Facebook page to show your support for this venture!