Annual Youth meeting 2020

February 4 2020 | Conference, Youth Work

In the FEIF Youth Work Meeting, representatives from 11 FEIF member countries discussed matters ranging from specifics, such as this year’s FEIF Youth Cup (18-26th July, hosted by Denmark), or the next FEIF Young Leaders’ meeting (22-24th January 2021) to broad concepts such as ‘inclusion’ – be that of how to integrate young people who do not own a horse, to the use of the Icelandic horse in riding for the disabled, or other forms of therapy. As always, a lot of time is taken up by listening to one another, and learning what is done in neighbouring countries, and how they do it? Helga B. Helgadóttir was re-elected to the standing Youth Committee, and thanks to Anna Magdalena Brun Hansen (DK) for serving on the Youth Committee for the last 4 years. All in all, the future looks bright for our international activities, bringing young people on and around the Icelandic horse together, and we hope that the forthcoming Youth Cup will be excellent event. Full minutes of the meeting will be published on in due course.