Annual Leisure Riding meeting 2020

February 4 2020 | Conference, Leisure Riding

For the first time since the FEIF Leisure Riding Department was created 18 representatives from 12 FEIF member countries participated in this annual meeting which shows that there is growing interest in this topic in our Icelandic horse community. The agenda included a broad variety of topics to discuss and developments to present, among them the first FEIF Riders’ Camp in Norway in summer 2020, the next steps with the FEIF horse profile translations, the preparations for the Day of the Icelandic horse (celebrated on May 1) and more. The exchange of ideas and activities and the discussions on the questionnaire feedback in each country were further important topics of the meeting.
Details of the Riders’ Camp will soon be available on the FEIF website, and we hope that all countries will send participants to this great event.