Annual Chairperson meeting 2020

February 4 2020 | Conference

The Annual Chairpersons had a very constructive meeting and the topics ranged from the future of World Championships, the structure of the FEIF committees, and the harmonization of the equipment within FEIF. These topics were first discussed in smaller groups of mixed nationalities and then summarized in the complete group – the new concept resulted in good discussions and new input to the discussion.
The development within each country has again been an interesting benchmark for all, this did not only include the development of members but also new ideas for the future and the economic health of the associations.
The chairperson meeting agreed to forward a proposal to the DA 2021 to take out G4 from the Rules and Regulations and only add FEI rules as reference (except where the FEIF rules are different from FEI). The new chapter would include a clear definition of the authorities permitted to handle antidoping sample collection and the rules for each authority.