Annual Breeding meeting 2020

February 4 2020 | Breeding, Conference

The Annual Breeding meeting 2020 was well attended and all countries present at the Conference 2020 sent a representative to the meeting. John Siiger Hansen stepped down from the breeding committee after 23 years of working within the FEIF breeding committees and the participants thanked him for all his contributions! Newly elected committee members are Heimir Gunnarsson (breeding committee and chairman of the breeding judges committee), Frauke Schenzel was re-elected as breeders’ representative and Rebecka Frey as member of the breeding judges committee. The breeding committee welcomes Johannes Amplatz as young committee member at his first conference.
The meeting had a long agenda that included discussions on the future of the breeding show at World Championships with the intention to make it more interesting for the audience and also on further co-operation with sport on the harmonization of the red list for equipment. Breeding decided on adding the Peewee bit and the Swales Pelham bit to the list of forbidden equipment like already forbidden for sport. Based on the discussions and decisions the lists on the FEIF website will merge and there will be only one list of prohibited equipment valid for sport and breeding.
After several years of preparation, new guidelines for breeding assessments and new breeding goals for Icelandic horses were decided. The system for judging foals and young horses will be renewed with a simpler judging scale and no calculations of a total score. The participants of the meeting agreed to not publish the members of the judging panels at the 2020 breeding shows until shortly before start of the show. Further topics included the test for new breeding judges and the minimum length of tracks for breeding assessments.