FEIF Awards for Doug Smith and Jón Baldur Lorange

February 1 2020 | General

The FEIF Award is awarded by the Board of FEIF to persons for their outstanding contribution to the work of FEIF, the Icelandic Horse and the Icelandic Horse community in general. At the FEIF Conference 2020, the awards were given to Doug Smith and Jón Baldur Lorange.
Doug received it for his contribution to the Icelandic horse world as FEIF Director of Sport, and as a very active member of the Board, as competition leader of World Championships 2019, for chairing various FEIF committees and for managing several projects for FEIF.
Jón Baldur was awarded for his outstanding work as project manager of WorldFengur, being the mastermind behind this extensive and unique database that has become an essential tool for breeders, breeding associations and all friends of the Icelandic horse.
Thank you to Doug and Jón Baldur for your contributions to FEIF!