FEIF Conference 2020 – Delegates’ Assembly

January 31 2020 | Conference, General

The FEIF Conference 2020 took place in Hveragerði, Iceland and was organized with the great help of the Landssamband hestamannafélaga (LH). As every year, the meetings started with the Annual Delegates’ Assembly, the highest authority within FEIF.
13 out of 19 FEIF member countries entitled to vote participated in the Delegates’ Assembly 2020.
The Icelandic Horse Association of Australia, who had been associate member of FEIF so far and the Hungarian Icelandic Equestrian Association (HIEA) were welcomed unanimously by the delegates as full members of FEIF, so the FEIF family now includes 22 full and associate members! Welcome!
The delegates re-elected Inge Kringeland, FEIF Director of Breeding, Silke Feuchthofen, FEIF Director of Education and Jean-Paul Balz, FEIF Director of Sport for 2 years. Doug Smith, having been a board member as FEIF Director of Sport, and as a very active member of the Board decided not to stand for re-election. The delegates elected Alexandra Montan Gray as a new member of the Board.
The sport proposal on the introduction of P3 as World Championship test from 2021 was withdrawn, but all other proposals were accepted by the delegates present. The minutes of the DA will be published on the FEIF website within a few weeks. All changes to the Rules and Regulations will be included in the R&R 2020, valid by April 1, 2020.