WorldFengur Report 2019

January 29 2020 | Breeding

It is now almost three decades since the adventure of the consecutive versions of the Fengur family began: first with the original Fengur, then came Islandsfengur and VeraldarFengur and finally, with the launch of WorldFengur in the year 2001.
When Fengur opened in the year 1991, it started with around 9.000 registered horses in only one country, Iceland. Today, the total of horses registered in WorldFengur is 500.340; these are horses born in 30 different countries and located in almost 40 countries around the world.
With 25.000 subscribers in 20 countries, we can be proud of how much we have achieved and how many people we have reached in 20 years since the launch of the WorldFengur international co-operation project.
Follow the link to the WorldFengur report 2019 for more information and details.