FEIF Virtual Ride to Landsmót

January 26 2020 | Leisure Riding

‘Hello Hella’ is the name of the 2020 FEIF Virtual Ride to Landsmót at Hella and all through the winter, Icelandic horse riders are quietly adding more and more km to their personal ride from home, wherever that is, to Hella, the location of 2020 Landsmót, in Southern Iceland. And those 10 or so riders participating in the Southern hemisphere are of course counting their summer rides. The idea is simple: following the old tradition of getting to the big competitions on horseback, whether you are a competitor or not, we invite riders from all over the Icelandic horse world to adapt to 21st century living, and ride there virtually. The riding is real, the route is virtual. By adding up all km spent in the saddle, we all get nearer to the common goal, step by step. And what fun there is to be found along the way. For more information follow the link, registration is easy, participation is free.