2019 – The year that was

December 25 2019 | General

Another day, another year,
and Advent is already here.
I wonder what the old year brought,
what joys you found, what battles you fought?

Did you take up the challenge, and rode ‘Back to Berlin’?
FEIF’s virtual ride which invites everyone in?
Ride out from home, every kilometre counts,
every month takes you nearer, that’s how it amounts.

Or maybe you had a different goal?
And the spring brought you a newborn foal,
the future Gaedingur, who will lend you wings,
as he grows in the field, you dream of new things.

This summer young people from far and wide,
came together in to meet, to learn and to ride.
The FEIF YouthCamp had kids from quite a long way away,
like New Zealand and Scotland… – they all wanted to stay.

The WM in Berlin was THE horse event,
spectators on the stands, and shops in the tent,
on the track horse and rider compete in T1,
in 5-gait, and breeding, and… – see how they run.

Come Autumn, and the pace slows down,
less riding in the country, more meetings in town,
training for the judges, young leaders work on visions,
on email, phone and WhatsApp, committees make decisions.

For 2019 there’s much more to say…
But Christmas and New Year are not far away,
greetings from FEIF, and festive good cheer,
to you and your horses – far and near.