FEIF Examiners Seminar 2019

December 8 2019 | Education

End of November 2019 the first FEIF examiner seminar took place in Sweden with the aim to bring together examiners of trainer examinations in the FEIF member countries for an international exchange regarding trainer examinations, contents, procedures and assessments.
Initiated by the FEIF Education Department and organized by the team around Ulrika Backan and Jenny Mandal, this seminar took place at Ledingenäs Gård. Accommodation, catering, and a seminar room with direct access to a large, bright riding hall offered ideal conditions for a seminar of this kind.
Anna Hartman and Elke Hartman from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences gave lectures on ‘How to judge practical skills’ and ‘How does a horse learn and how should we consider this as a riding teacher’, both important aspects when it comes to examining / judging / teaching / learning.
The practical parts of the seminar included demonstrations of the trainer examinations at different levels from the Icelandic, Swedish, German and Swiss education systems which were discussed and evaluated in groups and also in the panel.
A big thank you to the organisers and also to the riders who were willing to participate in these partly unknown examination procedures from trainer examinations in other FEIF member countries.