Youth Work Committee 2019

October 22 2019 | Youth Work

The question of how to strengthen the flow of communication between the FEIF Youth work committee and the people we want to serve work turned out to be central for all discussions we had during two days of intensive meetings in Haarlem. Communication seems to be at the root of all we do: running international events for teenagers, such as the successful FEIF Youth camp we organised in the summer, enabling the participants to form friendships across international borders and language barriers. And the Young Leaders’ seminar that will take place next month in the Netherlands, for your people between 18 and 26, with the intention to develop and improved awareness of self and of individual and cultural differences, and some techniques of how to handle these. Looking ahead to next year, a lot of time went into planning the next FEIF Youth Cup which will happen in Vilhelmsborg, Denmark, from 26th July – 2nd August 2020. And since there is such a strong focus on communication – all FEIF committees are still looking for applicants willing to join and participate in the work of the department. If you are between 20-28 years old, and want to join FEIF, take another look at the invitation. Communication goes two ways, we are also ready to listen – to you!