Education Committee 2019

October 22 2019 | Education

The education committee members present at the committee meetings used the first afternoon to work on the ‘Trainer of the Year 2019’ invitation, the members of the committee revised the current riding horse profile and worked on the planned translations to make sure that the wording fits to the original language. It was decided to open the young leader event (22-24 November 2019, Egmond-Binnen, NL) for trainers who are listed on the FEIF Trainer Matrix and in the respective age class (18-26 years) to be used as an official FEIF CPD for licence renewal. On Saturday the committee members who could not come this year joined the meeting via Skype. Discussions on the next seminars and the preparation of the examiner seminar in Sweden, November 2019 with an overview of the exams in the different FEIF member countries made it a very constructive meeting.