Ever considered to be a member of a FEIF committee?

September 23 2019 | General, Youth Work

FEIF committees are the expert groups supporting the head of each FEIF department – breeding, education, leisure riding, sport and youth work. Decisions, changes and proposals are prepared, questions relevant for all FEIF member countries are discussed and much more.
We now invite young persons to apply for any of the committees they are interested in, with the possibility to attend the FEIF conference in February and the committee meetings in October. The position gives the same voting rights and responsibilities as those of existing members. The only difference is that the young committee member will serve a maximum of 2 years, and the position is limited to young persons aged 20 – 26 years.
By reserving a place exclusively for a young person, we aim to add a new perspective to our work and to create a pool of young people who learn to better understand the work of FEIF. In the longer term, we hope that some of them will be willing and able to carry FEIF into the future.
If you are interested to apply, just follow the link and find out about the details and deadline. We are looking forward to your applications!