August 20 2019 | Leisure Riding

HELLO HELLA is the name of the 8th FEIF virtual ride, which takes us to Hella, Iceland, home to next Landsmót, the most important competition of the Icelandic horse in Iceland, 6th-12th July 2020. If you cannot participate in the real relay rides, why not join the virtual ride, organised by FEIF?
Participants start from home – wherever that is – keep a record of all time spent in the saddle, and collect the km monthly to take you in the direction of Hella. That way you will already be part of the biggest festival of the Icelandic horse in 2020. – The ride started on 12th August 2020. It’s free, it’s fun, and you never know who you meet on the way! Follow the link for further explanations, and the free registration.