World Championships 2019 closed

August 13 2019 | World Championships/World Championships

Dear friends, we had the possibility to spend a great week in Berlin Karlshorst, we saw wonderful presentations of our beloved Icelandic horses, hundreds of volunteers made this event possible, the Islandpferde Sportverein Berlin ISB e.V. as organiser of the World Championships and the team of Carsten Eckert and Bernhard Fliess really did a great job.
Thank you to all the horses, without them we would all have less friends. Thank you to the riders and grooms, and to the judges, they provided all the excitement. Thank you to the shop keepers who aimed to feed our desires (and our needs). Thank you to the office staff, the rule keepers and the organisers, they managed to keep everything running smoothly. Thank you to the volunteers, they made it all possible. And then, thank you to the spectators, who behaved impeccably, showed a lot of understanding, and even more enthusiasm for the Icelandic horse.
The World Championships 2019 were definitely an important highlight in FEIF’s 50th year! In the past 50 years FEIF has grown from a small association founded by a group of visionaries to a large organisation. And for the next 50 years? Our wish is that all – horses and people, young and old – are happy to be part of the FEIF family of friends and its endeavours. One thing remains a certainty – as it was in the beginning, and will ever be – our passion for the Icelandic horse. Let’s do it all again, see you in Herning in 2021!