FEIF YouthCamp 2019 – Day 5

July 12 2019 | Youth Work

Day 5 for the participants of the FEIF YouthCamp, and all essentials of life are met: horses, the Icelandic nature, and shopping. We visit two stables, Árbakki where we are welcomed by Gustaf Ásgeir Hindriksson, and Friðheimar, tomato farm par excellance, who also put on a small horse show. We go where everyone who visits southern Iceland should go, and experience the might of nature, particularly the water, as we stand in the spray of Gullfoss, getting drawn into the depth as the water rushes down, down, down, and never stops. And marvel at Geysir, where at regular intervals hot water rushes up, up, up in an explosive bubble. And who can resist a good tack shop? Baldwin of Þorvaldur at Selfoss will be invaded in due course today. It’s one of those days: a whiff of horse into the nose, the phone full of photos and coming home with full shopping bags… Bliss!