FEIF YouthCamp 2019 – Day 4

July 11 2019 | Youth Work

Competition day, but only one horse? Each team of five participants makes their way through 7 stations where body and mind are challenged: the tasks include twister with the above horse, charades (oh the frustration, if you get it, but do not know the word in English!), compiling a list of horse items in as many languages as you can muster, acting out letters ( – what will they spell?) and turning over a towel whilst everyone is standing on it, not being allowed to step off… Agility, teamwork and quick thinking are the order of the day. Which team will win? The Watermelons, or the Pineapples? The pressure is on. This effort deserves a splash in the pool…Hella will have an invasion this afternoon: FEIF Youth is coming!