FEIF YouthCamp 2019 – Day 3

July 10 2019 | Youth Work

Day 3 – and half way through the FEIF YouthCamp. The programme continues: happy kids on willing horses, whilst others went out for a hike (and a river crossing on foot!) into the country side, and yet another group continued to make the knitting needles dance with the yarn in harmony. Not as easy as it sounds. But today it is time to talk about domestic matters: the extraordinary hospitality we are met with, wherever we go, and the excellence of the food. Imagine a group of 30 teenagers invading your home, your hot tub, or your stable. Yes?! We have met nothing but friendliness, generosity and kind words. Our home for the week, Hestheimar, is a most comfortable place, it comes with stunning views, and every meal is a feast made with Icelandic produce and cooked on site. And likewise the two stables from which participants were able to explore the surrounding country side on horseback, Kálfholt and Sumarliðarbær, are so encouraging and generous – we could not be in better hands. Once again – thank you Iceland.