FEIF YouthCamp 2019 – Day 2

July 9 2019 | Youth Work

Day 2 and it is a riding day at the FEIF YouthCamp! Blue sky, bright sunshine, the mountains creating a spectacular backdrop, and off they go: in smaller or larger groups, all participants had the chance to sample the Icelandic horse in its natural environment. Thank you to Kálfholt and Sumarliðabær for offering to take the young riders out. Those waiting for their turn used the time to learn about that other essential Icelandic skill: knitting. Like riding, it takes some time to acquire the art. Like riding, the knitter has to relax and develop soft hands. Like riding, knitting requires concentration, until the movement (of the hands) becomes second nature. Bon courage, to all beginners, we will see what comes out of it.