FEIF YouthCamp 2019 – Day 1

July 9 2019 | Youth Work

The FEIF Youth Camp in Hestheimar, south Iceland, got off to a great start: take kids from 11 nations, who between them speak 7 languages, add a lot of laughter, sunshine and Icelandic bird song and put them in a field with mares and foals. What do you get? – the beginning of a very promising week! The morning started with Karen Woodrow, who introduced the group to various games and exercises to get to know each other, and to improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills. In the afternoon, we visited the beautiful stables of Sumarlidabaer, watched 2 promising stallions being ridden and landed in said field.
Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull on the horizon, almost 24 hours of daylight and no wind… Thank you Iceland for a very good day!