The Icelandic horse makes first appearance at Falsterbro

July 8 2019 | PR

For the very first time, the Icelandic horse will participate in Falsterbo Horse Show, one of the largest equestrian events in Scandinavia. Falsterbo will be held in South Sweden 6th-14th July 2019. Events related to the Icelandic horse will take place on 10th and 11th July.
Falsterbo Horse Show is a huge event in the equestrian world. Almost 1,000 riders and horses of various breeds compete in 50 different disciplines. Employees number around 600 and thousands of guests attend the games. Horse lovers from all around the world come to Falsterbo Horse Show every year. Falsterbo Horse Show is held by FEI, the international governing body of equestrian sports.
Horses of Iceland will be there to represent and advertise the qualities of the Icelandic horse. The event is important for the marketing of the Icelandic horse, for increasing its visibility on the international arena. Here, it is equal to horses of other and larger breeds, which compete in show jumping, dressage and other disciplines