The relay ride on the way to Berlin

June 24 2019 | Leisure Riding

On June 15th the Relay Ride 2019 started in Oirschot, Netherlands with the goal to reach Berlin before the start of the World Championships 2019!
The idea for the Relay ride was born at the beginning of the 80’s, when some of the riders rode on their Icelandic horses from the previous venue to the new one. In the baton that accompanies the riders, there is not only a greeting message for international understanding, but also a message from the old to the future host of the World Championships.
The relay baton will be handed over to the IPZV on 28 June at the green border near Straelen. From there the riders will be on their way for a few days to Reken and then Warendorf, further stages lead through the Münsterland, through Saxony-Anhalt to Brandenburg. The final stage through Berlin with about 100 participants leads from the Brandenburg Gate to the World Championships grounds in Karlshorst.
The World Championships for sport riders and breeding enthusiasts is the relay ride for many leisure riders – a lot of training and planning as well as a lot of organization is necessary for both!