EHN Priorities

April 14 2019 | EHN

During a lunch in the European Parliament the European Horse Network (EHN) published its manifesto with priorities for the next years:
– Consider horses as agricultural animals
– Promote horse welfare and responsible care
– Favour appropriate funding to equine activities
– Ensure favourable taxation for equine activities
– Promote the availability of medicines including vaccination and a good disease surveillance system
– Educate and integrate workforce into a dynamic industrial ecosystem

With a yearly turnover of 100 Billion Euro the European horse industry has a significant economic impact. The sector includes 7 Million equines, 6 Million hectares of grassland and 800.000 employed persons.

The lunch was at the same time a thank you and farewell to two active members of the European Parliament, Julie Girling (UK) and Jean Arthuis (FR). Julie Girling’s action plan for Responsible Equine Ownership was adopted by the European Parliament.

During the meeting the huge consequences of the Brexit for the horse industry were discussed as well.

FEIF is one of the founding members of EHN.