‘Viking Horses’ take the Equestrian World by Storm

February 22 2019 | General, PR

The first of a two-part feature on the Icelandic horse for FEI Equestrian World is live now. The programme is broadcast on FEI TV that has a global reach of over 238 million.This is one of the biggest promotions for the Icelandic horse to date.
Entitled ‘Little Vikings: The Horses of Iceland’, the film features an interview with Jelena Ohm, the project manager of Horses of Iceland. She discusses the qualities of the Icelandic horse, its history and importance to the Icelandic people, the significance of Landsmót and the Horses of Iceland marketing initiative. The film also includes an interview with Diddi Bárðarson, a forerunner among Iceland’s equestrian athletes. The second part will be published on the FEI website in the coming month. For the press release: https://www.feiffengur.com/documents/Press_release_FEI_film_EN.pdf , for the film click on