FEIF Conference 2019 – Joint Meetings

February 5 2019 | Conference

For the first time a joint meeting of several departments took place on cross-cutting issues: equipment in FEIF, doping rules and authorities and the inclusion of Gæðingakeppni in FEIF.
Regarding the equipment discussions, the meeting agrees that there is no reason to have different rules for sport and breeding and that harmonization of equipment shall in the long run not be limited to the so-called red list, but include the entire equipment. Candidates from breeding, education and sport were proposed and the board will take the next steps to form the overarching committee so that the work can be started.
The FEIF Board will make a proposal to the Delegates’ Assembly 2020 for procedures to handle doping cases within the Icelandic horse community with clear instructions for the process. The meeting agrees that if the finding is for a substance on the FEI Prohibited Substances List in effect at the time of the sample collection, FEIF will automatically impose a ban matching that imposed by the prosecuting authority. All member associations are obligated to enforce the ban according to normal rules and procedures, in case of finding not on the FEI Prohibited Substances List, FEIF will not impose a matching ban.
Regarding the idea of including Gæðingakeppni in FEIF, first discussions between LH and other countries will take place to harmonize the systems of qualification. A working group will take up the idea and prepare the possibilities to proceed with the integration