Annual YouthWork Meeting 2019

February 5 2019 | Conference, Youth Work

The Youth work committee started the annual meeting with a few minutes of physical warm up exercises which greatly helped with concentration and focus. 11 member associations were represented, which also means that time and again we learnt how things are done in 10 other countries. The main topics of consideration were social media and the inclusion of more volunteers at local, regional and national level in FEIF activities, especially training and education. The use of social media is the particular expertise of young people, and the contribution of our young members to the 50 anniversary celebration of FEIF, is sure to come in electronic format ? watch this space! Secondly the request of non-professional FEIF training seminars are coming loud and clear and we will respond to that request. What distinguishes a FEIF seminar in particular is the chance to meet and learn from people from other nations, and thus other points of view, who share the same interests and experiences. Possible topics for such seminars would include aspects of leadership training, communication strategies, and personal development: all qualities needed to run successful youth initiatives back home. FEIF beyond 50!?! Again ? watch this space