Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2019

February 5 2019 | Conference, Leisure Riding

A really active leisure riding group met at the FEIF Conference 2019 in Berlin. Main focus was on the development of leisure riding and to learn from the work done in the countries. The interesting information discussion gave a lot of input and ideas for further work.
A website about safety in the traffic, exciting leisure camps with clinics and the concept on how to become an educated tour guide were presented by the participants. The welfare of the horse was discussed in connection to all activities presented and this will be taken up again at the next meetings.
As a consequence of the lively exchange between the countries, ideas for involving leisure riding in the structure of the national associations were developed. More links to the leisure pages of the national leisure riding departments will soon be available on the FEIF website.
At the end of the conference we were proud and happy to present the new FEIF Riding Horse Profile video which was done in co-operation with Horses of Iceland. It will soon be launched!
The updated forms of the ‘FEIF Riding Horse Profile’ – one for the person looking for a horse and one for the trainer profiling the horse – are already available on the FEIF website.
To stay in contact and keep on exchanging information we are looking forward to meet you all in August at the FEIF stand at the World Championships 2019 in Berlin.