Annual Breeding Meeting 2019

February 5 2019 | Breeding, Conference

As in previous years, the breeding meeting was one of the largest meetings. Newly elected members of the committees are Maria Siepe-Gunkel (as representative of the national breeding leaders), Frauke Schenzel (as representative of the breeders) and Heimir Gunnarsson who was re-elected as member of the breeding judge committee.
Detailed discussions on the proposal for adapted breeding goals for the Icelandic horse and the judging scale for conformation and riding ability were the main topic on the agenda for this meeting. The general long-term aim is to breed better riding horses that can perform with ease and lightness. The delegates confirmed the next steps so that a final proposal can be presented to the meeting in February 2020. Another proposal for next year’s Delegates’ Assembly will define the rules for the education of breeding ringmasters.
The participants discussed the topics of equipment and doping for the joint meeting from the breeding point of view – for the decisions take see the extra news item.
Changes with regard to the factors for the exam to become an international breeding judge requiring the same minimum score for conformation as well as riding abilities were agreed.
The procedure to register warnings and bans from breeding shows were defined and will from 2019 on be followed and published on the FEIF website.