FEIF Instagram challenges

January 28 2019 | PR

feiforg on Instagram is ‘under new management’, and every month there will be new challenges. The topic for February is ‘best friends’, and you can post your pictures, using #feif2019. Let’s see how far we will reach!
The idea is that FEIF sets a fresh theme, and you are invited to send in your favourite pictures which fit the topic. It would also be nice to see which country your picture was taken in. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen our identity as the international Icelandic horse community, by inviting you to share pictures and stories of your own horses, as well as seeing other horses and how they live throughout the FEIF countries.
The 2018 Advent calendar got us over 800 followers in just 4 weeks. Let’s see if we can keep up the speed! Thanks to all of you who sent in pictures for the calendar.