Equine Conference of the European Horse Network

November 26 2018 | EHN

In October 2018 the Equine Conference of the European Horse Network (EHN) took place in Brussels and focused on securing value to the life of horses, including responsible breeding of horses, rehoming and rehabilitation and the practical implementation of positive initiatives that are already in place.
At the EHN General Assembly a large group of the European Farriers (EFFA) being a potential new member of EHN participated, this federation gathers 1.500 farriers with the mission to improve the welfare of the horse by encouraging the highest standards of trimming and shoeing (http://www.eurofarrier.org/) .
Based on the feedback of all EHN members, including FEIF, EHN agreed on 6 priorities covering the main concerns of the equine industry: consider horses as agricultural animals; promote horse welfare and responsible care; favour appropriate funding to equine activities; ensure favourable taxation system for equine activities; promote the availability of medicines and a good disease surveillance system; and educate and integrate workforce into a dynamic industrial ecosystem. The complete document is available here: http://www.europeanhorsenetwork.eu/position-statements/
FEIF is one of the founding members of EHN.