Positive doping test at Nordic Championships 2018

November 8 2018 | General

Thomas Vilain Rørvang’s horse Toppur frá Skardi 1 [IS2003135733] tested positive for a prohibited substance at the Nordic Championships 2018. The Swedish Icelandic Horse Association handled the positive result following established rules and procedures. Thomas Vilain Rørvang admits to using a nonprescription wound cream without fully understanding all the ingredients. He acknowledges the use of this cream has resulted in a positive test for trace amounts of Pyrilamine, a prohibited substance. Thomas Vilain Rørvang deeply regrets his error and has cooperated fully with the Swedish Icelandic Horse Association. The final outcome is a retroactive suspension including the loss of medals and WorldRanking points earned from the start of the Nordic Championships until today

The rider is suspended for a period of 6 month from August 6, 2018 until February 6, 2019. By consequence, all results achieved at sport and other events during the period of the ban are invalid (including titles, prizes and medals). The rider is not allowed to participate in any event in any member country of FEIF during the period of the ban.